This website is NOT a part of JCP or the Dallas Diocese. 
It is the sole property of the JCP Cheer Program. 

Jesuit Cheer tryout : 
April 9-12th : mandatory clinic dates
Start time: 4:30pm at Jesuit 
Tryout Day: April 13th 5-7:30pm 

All forms must be completed and submitted prior to the FIRST DAY of the tryout clinic. 
Below is a checklist:
Tryout Application - Available March 5th and will close April 1st 
Bring proof of commitment to the first day of try-outs - incoming freshman and transfers only
UIL Forms (on Jesuit website; turned into Jesuit front desk) 
**Athletes do not have to complete the previous participation form- UIL**
UA Paperwork (females only; turned in on the Magnus)

Information Packet 2018
Information Packet 2018