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Parent Committees

Banquet Committee
Chairperson: Shonna Pumphrey 
Cheerleader Chairperson(s): NEEDED!
Committee Members: Michelle Masour, Carolyn Owen, Mary Mosek, Shonna Pumphrey, Dennise watson, Ashley Parkinson 

Community Service Committee
Chairperson: Jean Buys and Mindy Tullis
Cheerleader Chairperson(s): Libby Tullis 
Committee Members: Rachel Henrion, Bridget Stuecheli, Amanda Johnson, Kristi Zarmakoupis, Renee Troegel, Sue Ann Giebler, Kathleen Malooly, Sandra Serna

Game Day Committee
Chairperson: Chrissy McLaughlin and Stacey McDermott
Cheerleader Chairperson(s): Mary Catherine McDermott
Committee Members: Grayson Arcemont, Jennifer Hanson, Mary Wagner, Patty Hasen, Dennise Watson 

Lil' Rowdy Rangers Clinic Committee
Chairperson: Ashley Parkinson
Cheerleader Chairperson(s):  
Committee Members: Jean Gerhard 

Media Committee
Chairperson: Chrissy McLaughlin (varsity) April Snider (JV)
Cheerleader Chairperson(s): NEEDED!
Committee Members: Richard Ferrara, Edgar Zunigar, Deborah Garza, Sally Jilek, April Steinbach 

Social Events Committee
​Chairperson: Andree Arcemont
Cheerleader Chairperson(s): Karen Brown 
Committee Members: Susan Neri, Jean Buys, Suzanne Bassett, Darcy Topolski, Amy Melle, Laurie Flood, Chrissy McLaughin 

Camp meals: Committee 
Chairperson: Andree Arcemont 
Commitee Members: Chrissy McLaughin, Mary Mosek, Greg Goodnight 

Homecoming tshirts: 
Chairperson: NEEDED! 
Cheerleader chairperson(s): NEEDED! 
Committee members: Tina Gumm, Ashley Parkinson