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Fight Song

We sing hurrah for the 
Blue and Gold, 
A big hurrah for the 
Blue and Gold. 
For the team we love, onto victory, 
And down the field we'll go, 
As we raise a mighty shout 
And sing hurrah for the 
Blue and Gold; 
For we're your sons and all are bold. 
And with all our might, 
We will 
For the grand old Blue and Gold!
Jesuit Cheer 
Jesuit cheer is an outstanding program built on traditions, that helps develop well rounded student-athletes spiritually, physically and academically. We strive for excellence to support our school. 

Tryouts 2021-2022: 
Mandatory Tryout Clinic: April 6-8th 
Tryouts: April 9th (Sophomores-Seniors) 
April 10th (incoming freshman)

Visit the Pre Tryout Page to register for tryouts and to complete all forms

Contact Head Coach Laura Gambrel: Lgambrel@jesuitcp.org

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Instagram: Jesuit_Dallas_Cheer

Twitter: JCP_cheer